These days, you dont have to be 'metrosexual' to do some manly maintenance. A bit of a trim here, a tidy up there and soon you'll be silky smooth! Whether its your first time or you're a seasoned pro, our friendly staff are specially trained to make it all as easy as 'wax on, wax off'

Eyebrow Tidy   $18   
Ear Wax   $15   
Neck   $25
Back & Shoulders   $49   
Arms   $40
Chest & Stomach   $50   
Full Leg   $60

Premium Mens Manicure $35

Secret Mens Business Facial    $75 (1 Hour)
Designed specifically to relive irritation caused by shaving and to gently cleanse the pores from daily elements. This system cleanses, tones and conditions the skin followed by a stress relieving neck and shoulder massage.

Urban Facial   $140 (1.5 Hour)
No urban myths! The Body Glow urban facial injects masculinity into our signature facial for handsome results. Hot towels, action packed peals and an anti-ingrown hair follicle calming mask are included, as well as a bold back massage.