Our Professional Facial Line Bioline Jato

Bioline Laboratories have designed a specific and unique complex facial line that cosmetically restructures the skin.

This line is 100% corrective on all skin types. Guaranteed and proven results without the need for invasive treatments.
Unlike any other product on the market this line does more than target the superficial skin layers- nanostructures penetrate to the very deepest layers of the skin dissolving to leave behind 100% active ingredients for your cells to absorb, re-educating the cells and fixing the skin from the inside out.

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The Express Face Treatment $45
This facial is for those serious about skin care but who don’t have the luxury of time. This facial incorporates a relaxing therapeutic upper body massage of the décolletage. Personalise your facial to enhance your skin care experience.

Enzyme Exfoliating Facial $79
Bring back the ''glow'' to tired, dull and lifeless complexions – a extremely effective skin revitaliser that will even out skin tone and invigorate the skin. Fruit enzymes naturally remove dead skin cells whilst plant actives nourish and restore skin.

Hydra-Intensive Treatment $89
Deeply hydrating and healing skin treatment. Boosts cell rejuvenation and the natural production of collagen and elastin to refresh skin and repair fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in natural anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and advanced technology to hydrate and help repair the dullest complexion into radiantly luminous skin.

Purifying Clear Skin Facial $79
One hour of pure cleansing designed to treat acne and congested inflamed skin. The latest treatment provided by Bioline Jato will purify and detoxify acne prone skins, providing vitality, comfort and freshness. Extractions of blackheads and blocked pores included. Also includes a detoxifying lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage.

Sweet Relief Calming Facial $79
For Sensitive/Delicate Skin
A facial that comes to the rescue for skins that suffer from sensitivity. Treating redness, inflammation and dryness using calming botanicals and a harmonic blend of highly effective plant active ingredients enclosed in soft and smooth-textured cleansing and refreshing products scented with floral and fruity fragrances. They free the skin of all impurities and restore its full freshness by moisturizing, softening, energizing and balancing the tissues

Collagen Booster Facial $95
Boost the life and health of your skin with this celebrity facial. Instantly smooth skin, erase fine lines and wrinkles and nourish skin with an oxygenating massage. Oxygenating the skin and the powerful mixture of ingredients used in this facial ritual enhances the production of collagen and help repair the skin and restore  the complexion to a more youthful and beautiful you!

Add our collagen booster IPL facial treatment after this for maximum results!

Non-Surgical Facelift Ritual - Seductage 3D $175
This award winning treatment corrects the signs of time without the need for invasive methods. It directly targets wrinkles and tired, toneless, mature skin. Immediate results after only one treatment and after only 5 treatments wrinkles will be flatter and less evident, the tissues plumper and the skin toned and compact. 1.5 Hour Treatment.