What Is Brow Lamination?
Brow lamination is like a lash lift, but for your brows. Only, rather than using perming and setting solutions to create a lifted curl, they're applied to set your brow hairs upwards into a bushy, fluffy shape.

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last?
How long your brow lamination will last for depends on your hair cycle. Like your eyelashes, your brow hairs have a hair renewal cycle during which old hairs fall out and new hairs come through. Most people will have a growth cycle of around 30 days, so your brow lamination can last anywhere from three to eight weeks

For the first 24 hours after your appointment avoid getting your brows wet, meaning no hot steamy showers, saunas or exercise. After this you can wet and cleanse your face with any of your favourite products and it won't disrupt the shape of the brow. Brush the hairs into place every morning with a spoolie that is given to you after your treatment to keep them looking perfect and fluffy.
Brow Makeup and brow Gels can be worn over your brows, which Body Glow stocks for sale.

Brows Lamination package is $120 including a customised tint.